Bill Gates wife says “Black Americans should be the first to get vaccine when it comes out”

I’m not really much of a conspiracy buff but it’s things like this that really make me just lean back and scratch under my sew-in (girl don’t laugh… this Corona got my stylist on Fear Factor mode).

According to The Daily Mail, Microsoft founder Bill Gates harshly criticized the United States’ response to the coronavirus pandemic saying its refusal to work with other countries has caused a ‘vacuum’ in solving the global problem.

Gates said that the U.S. had been more concerned with ‘trying to cast blame’ for the spread of the virus instead of collaborating with other countries in eradicating it, blasting the ‘inward’ approach the country has taken.

He added that he believed ‘rationality will reappear from someone’ and the U.S. will rejoin the efforts of the World Health Organization, which President Trump said he was withdrawing from earlier this year.

Melinda Gates seconded his support of WHO’s work, later adding that when a vaccine is available, black Americans should be among the first to receive it. 

She had to sneak that in. I guess she is still feeling some kind of way about the Black Lives Matter protests and the Blackoutdays and Blackoutweeks and all of that. Now I don’t know about you but… I think Bill Gates is trying to give all Black people autism.

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