4 ways to tell your Facebook friend they are Racist

How do you respond to your racist Facebook Friends? Most likely you have had one. You may have met them at work or through a mutual friend. They may have been your best buddy when you were in school. They saw your profile on Facebook; sent you a friend request and you accepted.

As time went on, you noticed some of their posts were a little questionable. At first, you shrug their comments off as innocence or lack of knowledge about people of other races. Then came the Ahmaud Arbery then George Floyd then Black Lives Matter, Then removing Confederate Symbols then the Changing of Brand Names… and your Facebook Friend started showing some interesting changes.

The question is, how do you respond to their racist comments?  Should you:

  1. Ignore them?
  2. Counter their racist comments?
  3. Report them to Facebook?
  4. Set your page to see fewer post from them?
  5. Confront them?
  6. Unfriend them?
  7. Use the “Angry” emoji?

Cherry Wilson, in an article on BBC News shared her experience with a racist on Facebook. She indicated that her racist Facebook friend was someone she knew from where she grew up. Her standard way of handling her racist Facebook friends was simply to scroll past their posts or ignoring their Facebook activity altogether. But, can we ignore these responses, especially when they may be responding to your post with a racist rant? How you respond depends on how much you value the relationship and what you want to accomplish. It starts with your goal.

Four things you can do in response to your racist Facebook friend’s comments or replies.

  1. Goal: help them see they are a racist – Click the reply button
  2. Goal: let them and others know it is not socially acceptable – Click the reply button
  3. Goal: inform or educate – Click the reply button
  4. Goal: It may be best not to approach them at all. Approaching them will most likely make you feel even more emotionally drained. If you have just had it with this person and the goal is to protect your emotional wellbeing – Click the unfriend button.

There you have it. It’s your call, click reply or unfriend!

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